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Brief History of independence day of india {All Events}

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India is the largest democracy on the globe and the fastest growing economy. But why is it so? Let's see back in to the time to see how India got Independence and became independent to have it's own Democracy and rights for citizens. We have a brief history of Independence Day of India by reading which you can know how India got it's independence.
We have categorized the summary into points with headings so that you know what happened first and what it followed! This history has been collected from various sources such as WikiPedia and other online websites providing the same information. What I did was, just compiled the list to one so that our users can easy understand the history of our Independence day and know what happened on that day of 1947. We are starting this history from the event of Mangal Pandey because that was actually the beginning of feeling towards Independence Day. Now you can scroll down below the image to understand the history of independence day of india for free!

[Summary] History of Independence Day of India

In late 18's Britishers were paid more wages than Indian workers for a same job. Seeing this discrimination a brave Indian, Mangal Pandey raised his voice against British Empire. Mangal Pandey tried to attack his Sergeant, but however missing the target he ended up injuring him. Being caught by further army men he was sentenced the death orders and was hanged up. Soon Indians got the idea of freedom and this lead to a movement where the civilians at Meerut met for the discussion of the British rule. This further grew into a big movement, but however was put down by British.
In the next years, some other battles were also fought for Independence where we saw Jhansi Rani Lakshmibai, Nana Sahib and other civilians.
The real fight for Independence was started in 19s where we saw many events lead by Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lajpat Rai and Mahatma Gandhi struggling for their single mission - Freedom. Muslims also joined their hands into the Movement of freedom where Mahatma Gandhi supported Muslim for the injustice done to the Khalia [[Read Khalifat Movement for more clear information]].
In 1930 Mahatma Gandhi started the famous Salt March and in 1942 the Quit Indian movement was also fought against Britishers. Indians denied to wear British clothes and focused on wearing Khadi (Indian clothes). People also quit their jobs and children were quit from their schools. However Khadi clothes and no education for children was something that Indians couldn't tolerate and so they had to switch back their decisions.
In the two World Wars, British economy was damaged. Pressure built on Britishers because of regular revolts lead by Indians. In 1947, the day came. Jawaharlal Nehru read out the famous speech Tryst with Destiny where India was declared to be freedom. Muslims in India felt that they were not getting equal rights which lead to the partition of India and Pakistan.


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This was the history of Independence of India. The struggle of our leaders was unforgettable and to remember their sacrifices and efforts the Independence Day is celebrated every year! :)


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