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Nationalism Inspired Quotes for Facebook- Feel PROUD!!

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Independence Day is coming on 15th August again in India and what's your plannings? Uh., even if you don't have any plans for the mothers day, you can still post a status on Facebook or update it on WhatsApp to wish your friends and family the same. Now what's better than to post a quote to wish on an auspicious day? Just for that we have collected some best Independence Day quotes in English language which you can post on your FB or WhatsApp account to wish your mates. Theses quotes have been posted by keeping in mind that you will be posting them on a social networking website only.

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Now without wasting any further time let's see these quotes! :D

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Top Independence Day Quotes in English (for India)

Don't say what has India given you. Think what you have given to it.
There can be no better gift than what our Freedom Fighters gave to us.
It's the day when we must salute the people who became the reason for India. Happy Independence Day.

Hundreds of days were spend for this one day. Happy Independence day!
You cannot stop our development even after ruling us for 200 years, dear Britishers.
Freedom was given for the exchange of blood. Salute to the fighters! 

Take the future in your hand. Wave the flag with your hands because maybe you will regret it someday when it's gone.
They felt the heat, we feel freedom!
Thousands stopped breathing so that their Future could.
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