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Independence Day Thoughts in Hindi & English (Short & Long)

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Independence Day or Swatantra Diwas is on 15th August and celebrated with high spirits in India. We all know what happened on that day. If you don't know then do read the history of independence day of india. Now most of us are having plans to read a speech on Independence Day or make some posters with slogans or maybe something else, but if you don't have any plans then we do have something for you. You can present thoughts for Independence Day in your school assembly or make them as your whatsapp status to celebrate this awesome day with your friends. Since majority of India speaks Hindi & English, we are writing the best thoughts on independence day in both the languages so that everyone can enjoy the feeling of Independence Day in their mother tongue or most spoken language of India.

First we will be talking about thoughts for independence day in hindi and then move on to English. Both of them will be updated on regular basis so keep visiting our blog daily for new quotes, thoughts or status.. You may also want to see independence day hindi quotes.
Now without wasting any further time on talking I will take u to the thoughts ! :D

Independence Day Thoughts in English

Never ever forget the sacrifices of our heroes who made this auspicious day. 
Freedom is not a gift. It's our achievement.

The secret to achievement is freedom.
We can win anything if we have freedom in minds and courage in ourselves.
Thousands sacrificed their lives so that we could breathe today! 

"You give me blood, and I will give you freedom" - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
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Independence Day Thoughts in Hindi {Hinglish}

Na Sirr Jhuke ga kabhi, na jhukayenge!!

Main hu Hanuman, Bharat mera Raam hai. Dekh lo seena kheel kar, dil me hai Hindustan mere!
Yeh mat pucho Bharat ne tumhe kya diya. Khud se pucho tumne isko kya diya?

Azaadi se acha koi taufa nahi hai jo hume mila ho :)
Is din salaami di jaati hai unko jinki vajah se yeh "Bharat" hai
PS : WE just fixed some grammatical errors and added more thoughts for independence day! Thanks for your support guys!!! :D 

We know currently we have less of the thoughts on Independence day, but don't worry, we are updating the whole website daily and so some article s might take some more time to update. .. So please understand.. Do comment below if you have any good thought on independence day or swatantra diwas!


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